About Capsule Connection

Howard with son Ari, who is site webmaster.Capsule Connection (formerly known as Pure Planet Products) was founded by Howard Mechanic in 1973 with the purpose of providing high-quality natural health products. For a few years before that, Howard was a member of consumer natural food cooperatives in the St. Louis and Tempe, Arizona areas and he developed a deep interest in natural healing, especially herbal remedies. He also worked as a clerk at a retail health food store. In the early ‘70s opportunities were developing in the burgeoning health food trade, so Howard started distributing a few products and then expanded the product range.

Originally, we distributed various manufacturers’ products to health and natural food stores throughout Arizona, concentrating on herbal products. In 1976, Howard attended the Export Commodities Fair in Canton, China, as one of the first few American herbal businesspeople invited to attend. He was central in the development of Chinese supplies of Eleuthero for the commercial market. Howard later partnered in the development of an herbal import and export business then known as Umbrella Herb Company. Howard served as Chair of Gentle Strength Cooperative and was a founder and officer of both the American Herb Trade Association and the Southwest Federation of Cooperatives. In 1981, recognizing the need for an efficient and inexpensive capsule-filling apparatus, Howard and his then father-in-law, Ray Gold, developed the original design of The Capsule Machine. Pure Planet Products was located in the Phoenix area until 2001. At that time, Howard changed the company’s name to Capsule Connection and moved it to Prescott, a smaller town with more moderate weather (at over a mile high in elevation).